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huis wessels, likweti wildlife estate

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House Wessels, Likweti Wildlife Estate

he site is located in Likweti Bushveld Estate close to White river in Mpumalanga. The estate has beautiful 1ha bushveld stands high up on the hill with beautiful views over the Lowveld landscape. The client and his wife bought the stand because of its natural beauty; the existing trees, shrubs and grasses, but also of course, for the view. The site is east facing, with a very steep slope.

The brief was to design a small home for a retiring couple, with a sleeping realm and living realm. The sleeping realm was to include a studio, study and separate dressing rooms. The living realm had to contain the lounge, dining, kitchen and patio. Two guest bedrooms had to be incorporated as well as a large double garage that can be used as a workshop. The site was to be preserved as much as possible.

As a solution, we let the site dictate the layout. We placed the program along the contours and separated the 2 main zones from each other to allow for as much northern light as possible. We used a cut and fill approach to minimise western exposure, and incorporated very large overhangs on the eastern side, to allow for lots of glass and views on the east. A large outside living room connects the two realms and celebrates the genius loci of the site. The guest bedrooms are perched on higher contours, and the garage and workshop serves as a first point of arrival. From this area, you descend into the house and once you enter the threshold through the front door you are welcomed by an enormous and fantastic view of the landscape beyond.


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