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Desert Quiver Camp

Sossusvlei and the surrounding Namib desert is one of the most-photographed nat-ural landscapes in the world. Visitors from all over the world marvel at the 300m high dunes resting on the Tschauchab gravel plains and the beauty of the Vlei and Dead Vlei close by.

The owner of the Sossusvlei Lodge and Desert Camp, Taleni Africa, decided to add more beds at this popular destination, 400 kms south of Windhoek. The product is still aimed at the self-catering market but pitched at a higher level, offering glass win-dows and doors and more luxurious bathrooms. Arranged in two wings both sides of the public areas (reception, group kitchen and lapa facilities, bar and pool) all units face due north and overlook the Namib desert. 100mm thick “sandwich panels” (sheet metal on polystyrene cores) provide high insulation properties and a clean roof design, slung underneath long timber poles clad with laths to provide shade and texture. East and west facing walls are shielded against solar heat gain by means of sand and rock cladding.

Currently, all three lodges run at 85% occupancies.


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