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about us

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Architecture without boundaries

We have been designing Lodges & Resorts in some of our Continent’s most breathtaking conservation areas and take great care to adjust our designs to the local conditions through the use of appropriate technology for the climatic conditions and skills available.

Since 1992, we have designed more than 50 lodges and 23 resorts, 26 wilderness camps, completed more than 40 master plans for tourism & conservation projects, participated in 3 Spatial Development initiatives (to identify and illustrate tourism opportunities in Southern Africa) and acted as marketing agents for several ecotourism products

Architectural Services

We provide the full spectrum of standard Architectural services as well as additional specialised services relating to the development of Game Reserves and Lodges:

– Pre-feasibility Studies & Marketing Brochures to enable Developers to finance their projects.

– Master Planning & development analysis of developments in Game Reserves.

– Site Analysis & Master planning of Ecotourism developments in Game Reserves.

– Infrastructure requirements & planning in Game Reserves.

– Viability Studies as well as Definition of Development

Projects & their requirements.

We have developed a retainer-based appointment that enables the potential developer to obtain professional services at an affordable rate.

Ecotourism Consultancy

Through associations with specialists, we also provide value-added services such as:

– Business plans, Viability & Impact Studies for ecotourism developments.

– Marketing, Promotion & procurement of Operators & Developers in Ecotourism destinations.

The above services are often provided through networking with various associations & specialists which ensures access to a large pool of specialist tourism and environment related skills.

Full Design integration of all documentation, brochures, logos, signage, interiors and related items ensure that design threads are maintained holistically

What we´re about

In 1992, two brothers, Abré and Niël, set up Crafford and Crafford Architects. Their initial aim to develop eco-sensitive designs for ecotourism led them to the creation of a new kind of architecture: an architecture that is firmly based on the human experience of any specific environment; architecture that is as much an art as it is a craft; architecture that places ecology as its highest priority both in rural and urban settings. We want our designs to fit in with nature, instead of forcing nature to step aside. Through visiting sites and being involved in the choice of proposed sites, we ensure that we develop site-specific designs that enhance the natural attractions and context of any specific piece of land. In 2016 Crafford and Crafford Architects was rebranded as PlanEco, to allow two long-standing staff members to join in the shareholding.




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